31+ 150W Hps Ballast Wiring Diagram Pics

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31+ 150W Hps Ballast Wiring Diagram
. I originally posted a wiring diagram but it was just confusing as the colors were not the same as this unit. I never really considered these before.

HPS 150W electronic ballast
HPS 150W electronic ballast from www.ballastrus.com
The hps ballast acts as the ignition systems primary and secondary coils. When installing an hps ballast, it is probably more economical to buy the parts unassembled. High pressure sodium (hps) ballast.

The ballast also limits lamp current.

The only thing that i found to be a bit of a challenge was the wiring diagram! 400 watt hps ballast diagram wiring schematic opo aceh for street lighting system 11 rm 4985 high pressure sodium light free wrg 2586 rab outdoor flood sensor the inside structure of lamp 5 additional diagrams ballasts are mercury lamps still legal eye 150 w vapor ballastco 400 watt hps ballast. Wiring diagrams for venture® hps and remote ballast products are provided on this page. This video is about wiring a venture 1000w hps core and coil ballast, for demonstration purposes only.

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